Ecclesiastical Approval

Below are a list of quotes of popes and others who have given their support to the Legion of Mary.

Cardinale Riberi“The Legion of Mary is apostolic duty decked out in attractive and alluring form; throbbing with life so that it wins all to it; undertaken in the manner stipulated by Pope Pius XI, that is, in dependence on the Virgin Mother of God; insistent on quality as the foundation of membership and even as the key to numerical strength; safeguarded by plenteous prayer and self-sacrifice, by exact system, and by complete co-operation with the priest. The Legion of Mary is a miracle of these modern times.”
-Cardinal Riberi (Apostolic Delegate to missionary Africa and later Inter-nuncio to China)

1279826295_benedict-xvi“The Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) wishes me to assure you of his appreciation for the generous service to the Church offered throughout the world by so many members of the Legion who, under the heavenly patronage of Mary, the Mother of God, seek to draw all persons to Christ, the Redeemer of mankind.”

-Letter from the Vatican to the Legion of Mary on the occasion of the 1,000th meeting of the Concillium Legionis, December 5, 2008.